About Us

Pleasantview Tennis Club began in 1972, and was started by the impetus of a few members of the community.
It originally had three asphalt courts and no clubhouse.  Membership grew because tennis was entering its very popular phase and because most of the neighbourhood consisted of young families.  Free lessons were offered to children so many families joined.  It soon became a hub of the community and it was often difficult to get a court on which to play.  However, people hung their racquets up on the appropriate hook, and waited alongside their neighbours for their turn, enjoying a good chat in the meantime.
At one time, Pleasantview was home to many ranked tennis players and had several teams, including a Major Mixed League team for many years.
By the late 70’s, our membership had broken the 500 mark so we applied for and got a fourth court.  By this time, we had resurfaced the courts and we began thinking about applying for a clubhouse.  We were very fortunate to get the clubhouse we now have, since it is one of the nicest in North York.  In the 90’s, before Mel Lastman left office, we were given a renovation, which improved the kitchen and the washrooms mainly.  It was at this time that the showers were added.
Unfortunately, with the declining interest in tennis in the community, the membership has fallen.  This is being experienced all over the city now.  With the exception of a few very large clubs, the majority of the smaller clubs struggle to survive.
The existence of Pleasantview can be credited to the untiring efforts of a few loyal and caring members of the community, many of whom served many terms on the executive.
One person, new deceased, was a mainstay of the club during many years when it was difficult to find people to help. She kept it going, almost by herself, for many years, with the help of a few other loyal members of the community.  Her name was Audrey Ormrod and she lived on Margaret Avenue for many years.  Audrey was a real community leader, and worked tirelessly on many committees to advance the needs of our community.
We owe the continued life of our tennis club to her and many of her friends, upon whom she was able to lean when necessary.  An honorable mention should go to a former member and staunch supporter for many years, Shirley Couch, who used to live on Painswick, and to Elsa Volkens, who has been a team captain for many years.
A few of the original members of the club  are still playing there.  The Fidelinos, the Ramprasaads, the Lazars, the Renzettis, the Volkens, the Cutlers and the Jefferys, to name a few.
During our tenure in Clydesdale Park, we have been very close neighbours with the Oriole Bocce Club, who share our building.  These members care deeply about the facility and have been a great help in monitoring the building and surroundings, since they are a presence nearly every day and evening.  They have been very generous neighbours and we have enjoyed a very good relationship with them for many years. And they are great cooks!